Disciple me kids students

We love our kids and we understand the weight of responsibility in sharing the gospel with them while fervently praying that God will open their eyes to believe upon Jesus for salvation. This ministry strives to equip families for the task of teaching their kids the scriptures while fostering an environment of family worship, family fun, family mission, and family discipleship.

On Sundays at 3:15pm, you are invited to Disciple Me Kids( 4-9 years old) which is a bible study time of biblical teaching and relevant activities. As our services begin at 4pm, families worship together as they exalt the name of Jesus Christ through singing, praying and listening to the scriptures being read. Once the preaching begins, the little ones (3 and under) are invited to a enjoy a nursery time which is both an interactive and safe environment for our children. 

We also have our older children, pre-teens, and teenagers sitting in our main services under the preaching of God's word. Our students (ages 10-18 years old) meet through the school year for bi-weekly studies of God's word and times of fellowship. 

If you have any questions about Redemption Kids/Students, please contact our leadership at nathan@redemptionmem.org.